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CMS is one of the few international law firms having unique expertise in the sport sector combined with a deep insight into the Russian market. Our multijurisdictional team offers a complete service to clients enabling them to be a competent partner regarding investments in Russia.

With upcoming major events such as the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia, having competent and experienced legal advice is one of the key elements for gaining access to the emerging Russian market. Our team is familiar with the conditions and requirements of the local legal and commercial system and has longstanding experience in advising clients in this field.

We advise football clubs, industrial companies, operators of sports venues, sports consulting agencies and sports managers as well as federations and high profile athletes internationally and locally. Among our clients are United Football League Organisational Committee, Russian Association for Sport and Leisure Facilities, Sport Business Consulting magazine, Riedel Communications, Sportfive sports agency and others.

In the next years, Russia will be venue of several major sporting events: in 2014 the Olympic Games will be hosted in Sochi, in 2017 the FIFA Confederations Cup and in 2018 the FIFA World Cup will take place, creating the need for massive investments on the territory. The know-how of foreign companies related to the building of hotels, stadiums, airports and other infrastructure projects will certainly be resorted to by the Russian economy. Our team is familiar with the processes of tendering and is well experienced regarding multinational business relationships with Russia and will therefore be of valuable assistance to foreign corporations.

We also offer more classical services in the sports sector such as advising sportsmen, agents and managers, including:

  • concerning contract terms, exclusiveness agreements, reimbursement regulations, exploitation of commercial rights, termination of agreements, financing;
  • marketing of sports events, media agreements, advertisements and sponsoring, ticketing and merchandising, websites, introduction of new media formats related to sports or mass sports events.

We also offer legal advice in related subject areas like tax or employment law as well as in the context of franchising and trademark law. Furthermore, we are experienced in international arbitration and other forms of out of court settlements.


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